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Monday, August 3, 2009

FOR DELIAH 2/4/09~2/8/09

I lost my little girl Deliah tonight at about 10.40pm! My little girl was a kitten! She hadn't been ill,but was tinier than the boys(her sister and twin May had passed 2 weeks earlier) and would not chew as they would but only lap, although she did this with gusto,was very vocal about and nearly knocked me over when I'd bring in their warm milk! She was so beautiful in looks and nature,I felt closer to her than the boys,cos she had decided that I would be her Mama! She would climb up my leg to sit on my knee ANYTIME I sat down and each time I'd get into bed she'd toddle across the room and climb up into the bed,walk right up to my face and climb under the covers,where she'd sleep happily all night! She had to be closer to me than the boys and she let them know it! The last night we went to bed (1/8/09)she had seemed a little out of sorts,in that she didn't want her brothers to touch her,but not sick. When I awoke,I couldn't find her in her normal spot..on me! had seen her a little earlier further down the bed but thought nothing of it.Then I lay back and immediately felt her,but I didn't lay right back and I jumped up as soon as I felt her..I dont believe I injured her we had slept together every night. She toddled out of bed,but seemed wobbly and unaware of where she was going.I picked her up and her head wobbled from side to side. This filled me with dread as I have seen it in other kittens and it had always been imminent to their death! The toddling was the last time she would use her legs,she deteriorated very quickly,but was such a little fighter I'm sure she was trying to fight and hang on and I think she was doing it for me.Her little brother Ty sat with me next to her and cried,I took her to her mother Paris who licked her goodbye.Then I just sat with her in my lap monitoring her heartbeat and telling her all the things I loved about her and how much joy she'd brought to me! When she had tried too long,I told her,it was OK to go, just go to sleep and I'd be OK,her sister would be there and she'd be in a beautiful happy place forever! Whether you believe it or not,I believe she understood,for almost immediately,she looked straight at me,let out a very faint miaow (I believe Goodbye) and gave up fighting.
I only had this little girl for 4 months,but she was very special(yes they all are and I have many animals)she made herself extra special,by showing complete trust and love,and letting it be known to all and sundry,that she had chosen me and only me! She made me feel special,cos she was special. Strange that I had only posted a video the night before on YouTube of the kittens.
I will be eternally grateful for the short time,I was privileged to have this little fluffy ball of love in my life and I wont ever forget her!
Rest in that beautiful place,my little love,with all those I have loved and lost.It is my hope to join you all again sooner or later.
It's so late,but I dont want to go to bed because I know,I wont feel her climb up and get into the bed anymore.
I do have her boisterous brothers Ty and Zac(they are very quiet tonight)but it just wont be the same! **To Deliah,my little princess,'til we meet again! (2/4/09~2/8/09)

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