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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nearly there Eek!!!!! I cant think of what to do..but then I never can!
Well hard for me to believe but I celebrate my One year making videos for YouTube and Live Video!
I still dont even know why I started,but it has been beneficial to me and my personal development in oh so many ways!
I'm trying to nut out what sort of video one makes in celebration,but I think I should do as I normally do and just let it come out spontaneously!
Well isn't that what a vlogger is (sorry Angry Aussie Yologger!LOL!)
someone who just lets it all out on camera.....thinks out loud,I guess!
Anyway,we'll see what comes out on YouTube on the 23rd of August..It will
no doubt be as much of a suprise to me as anyone else!
Just the way I like,wish me luck guys!!!!! Cheers Glee.