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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Russell Morris : 'Rachel' - music video

**I'm blogging this video,because I thought I'd watch it for memories sake.....then I found myself crying and feeling the very same emotions I had all those years ago!
This song was released during the Vietnam War.We did feel helpless,particularly young men.
My mother and I broke the law more than once hiding concientious objectors who'd been involuntarily "conscripted",by the Australian Federal Government! Their system of calling up our young men (The women escaped conscription,but many went as nurses) was to have a lottery,much like Tattslotto! They would,as each month came around,put all the numbers of the days in that month into a barrel,then pick out 19 random numbers,if you were between 18 and 25,and you're birthday came out,you were a soldier! You had no choice.What made people take so much action on this war,eventually resulting in forcing our Government to extricate us from it,was that we saw it in all its horror every night in our lounge rooms.Who would want to send a son to do that to anyone,or want any of that to happen.I'm proud of my mum for getting involved when I asked her..and if the Gobvernment want tocome and arrest me now....well bring it on!!!!!
One thing I didn't mention is that the voting age was 21 years.Dont forget,they were taking 18,19 and 20 year old boys,believe me they were boys at that age then.You weren't able to vote on issues but they could pluck you out and use you as war fodder.........No just didn't seem a fair system to me,still doesn't,because it wasn't!
The moratoriums were wonderful experiences in people power and it works,it could work again.Unity of belief is a powerful tool!
I know this song will sound old fashioned to most of you,but try to listen to the words (Iknow Russell and there is a "Rachel")she did come home,not the same as when she left though!
I'm 55 now and have some friends that remain damaged from their exposure to the war in Vietnam,they also remained very confused,as they didn't know about it and certainly none of them will talk of it.There are others who were just too broken to go on.....the impact is immeasurable!
Please be gentle with any Viet Vets you should meet,
(we weren't very respectful of them when they came home that first time,they were spat at..justbecause they'd been there!)
It's up to you guys now but give them some peace and their dues,they've well and truly earned them.Pray it never happens again!
**Listen also to"I was only 19." by Redgum.