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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I wish my old neighbours would come back!

I am a cat person,you probably already know.
My new neighbours tell me they are cat haters, arrggghhhh!!!!!
My darling cats used to go into their front yard as they had been encouraged to do by the previous tenants,who loved them!
Instead of talking to me and letting me know they objected..these people,got traps and handed my babies over to the council.
Anyway 2 of them ended up at the pound.When I went to retrieve them,I was told they were deemed wild and had been put to sleep immediately!
I was under the impression,that cats/dogs got 8 days for someone to come and claim them.
Let me inform you what I was told:because of the current economic situation they can no longer afford to do this and only kittens,and pretty ones at that,will be kept.
I'm building an enclosure for my remaining 6, and they will NEVER be out of my yard again! Please have your animals microchipped.The sad part is these awful people have caused 4 families in our street to lose their much loved pets.You see wild cats know not to go into these traps..and these fools still have the same problem they had with wild cats fighting in the night,when mine are all safe inside.When I hear cats outside I always think mine will be happened!
For Lulu,who was affectionate and friendly and foolishly trusted all and sundry and for Bubba who I delivered 18mnths ago and nursed through illness,who I carried around in a "pouch" and who sucked my thumb (hence the name),I love you,miss you and apologise to you for the stupidity of others.We will all be together again one day!
I hope they feel the pain they have made others feel!
Needless to say,I'm heartbroken and my animals are fretting! :(