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Sunday, July 26, 2009

This could affect your liver~Did Mine!


Trying to Catch Hepatitis C?


There are many ways to contract Hepatitis C and it can take 20 to 30 years to show up.This video stops short of intraveinous drug use (stigma,I guess)but as I said there are so many ways!
BTW I thought I knew a lot but found out only today,that boiling a syringedoes not make you safe.If someone else, a carrier uses the same tourniqette and/or injects you a mere brush of tourniqette/finger/thumb/tap on the needle(by the injector) against your skin(on the puncture site) can cause you to contract the virus! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEE ANY BLOOD A MINISCULE AMOUNT,NAKED TO THE HUMAN EYE IS ENOUGH TO INFECT YOU.....THAT'S FOR LIFE!

And.....yes I have recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis C,something to add to my litany of other illnesses..Great!

I was absolutely floored!I started to think why me? Where? How?OK I had a wild past as a teen/young woman.....but that was sooooooo many lifetimes ago.
I had my son via a C section 27 years ago in 1982 and blood was NOT screened until 1989.
I had dental work done cheaply,because it was all I could afford.........and the list could go on,but that is all done and gone.
Nothing can be changed!

I do know however that new and more successful treatments,are coming along all the time for Hep C and I know I have a chance to halt this disease with available treatment. It's a 50/50 success rate,but I'd be stupid not to try!(Will keep you posted)

Another thing I think would be stupid is if you feel you may have have contact with the infection,NOT to be blood tested,for peace of mind! It's just a little prick..and haven't we all had to face them at some time in our lifes?? :)

*****If you have any info/experience with Hep C /treatment,I'd love to hear!