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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A True Blue Friend!

How do you treat your "friends"?
Are you willing to sit there listen to them and give them comfort even when they're not making much sense?
OR do you know they have a problem,and will probably chew your ear off for ages (with their nonsensical imaginings and paranoia)and when the phone rings,you're awfully sorry,you'd love to talk ANY OTHER TIME,but right now you have a pressing engagement?
(Maybe you need to wash your hair or watch the latest episode of your favourite T.V. show!)

Maybe we all do that at one time or another!

But, I believe a true friend is someone who invests in you.....not money,but their time!

When someone is obviously tired but they still give you their time ,they are sending a very positive and comforting message to you! That they care enough about your feelings to give you that time and not a lot of people will drop everything to do that for someone.Those that do are indeed very special people and if you should have one in your life,count yourself,truly blessed!

It has long been said that,"time is money", maybe in some cases it is,but the sort of time I'm referring to is love.

We also need to make this time reciprocal,there is no take and MUST be give and take,otherwise,it is simply an accquaintance and not a friendship!

Investment of time is also crucial for both parties to learn about each other and allow a friendship to develop.
None of us are perfect and we often judge others on first impressions! We are usually very quick to judge someones character,based on the tiniest snippet of that person,from some high minded assumption we have made!! (You know what happens when we assume,more often than not,we make an ass of ourselves!)

I am extremely lucky to have a friend such as this in my life,and yes I did assume and was totally incorrect :(
The interesting thing to me is quite a few make the same assumption as I did!I was as I said,an ass in doing this (and so are they!)

Thankfully with time,comes knowledge and understanding and I am now privileged,to have one of those time investing friends in my life.It seems YouTube gatherings can come in useful,for an abundance of reasons! :)

Well, the One I attended in Melbourne last December, certainly had a major impact on my life. Apart from being a blast,it introduced someone into my life I just cant/dont want to imagine being without!

Let me just say in closing,you will NEVER know someone,by what you assume about them (after all,that's what's in YOUR head!)You will only ever get to really know them,by investing the time to get to know them!

AND Pauly,you are not just a True Blue Australian...................................
You are a True Blue Friend and I'd like to thank you for putting the time in!